Where does Big Heart Living fit into the “Pursuit of Happiness”?

Feeling inner peace is an inside job.

Allowing yourself to be loving, feel loving, and act in loving ways is an inside job.

The pursuit of happiness is an inside job.

No one can control what goes on inside of you except you.

These inside jobs come from making a conscious choice on how you want to live your life. When you live a BIG ♡ life, it helps you:

  • Find a sense of inner peace – even when life seems chaotic
  • Allow yourself to be loving to all – no matter how vulnerable or unloved you feel
  • Cultivate joy in the moment – even when it’s not what you wanted

These are choices. Choices to FIND, ALLOW, and CULTIVATE happiness.

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Kindness

So, happiness is a choice?
Yes, a choice that gets an assist from peace and love.

When you find a sense of inner peace, your heart opens. It allows you to be loving, think lovingly, and act in loving ways.

Allowing yourself to be loving naturally leads you to bring more joy to the world – you CREATE IT through your loving acts.

When you cultivate joy, you allow loving thoughts and actions.

When you are flowing with loving thoughts and actions, it creates more feelings of inner peace.

Peace, love, and happiness work TOGETHER.



Sometimes CHOOSING peace, love, and happiness is difficult

We get it. We’re all human. It’s normal.

To pursue happiness, start from where you are to:

  • tap into your inner peace,
  • feel love for all around you,
  • cultivate joy with YOUR actions.


Joy can be found. Happiness can be cultivated. Sometimes joy and happiness is… dormant. It needs water and nourishment from inner peace and loving actions. If you can’t tap into actions that bring joy and happiness, try tapping into a feeling of inner peace and love first.


How do you tap into inner peace and love?

Return to your beliefs.

When you center yourself in your beliefs, no matter what they are, they create the foundation of inner peace and the flow of love & happiness you desire. Choose your beliefs wisely!

The beliefs we focus on at Big Heart Living that help us:

  • Our world is created by our beliefs, thoughts, and actions.
    I can change my world by changing my beliefs, thoughts, and actions.


  • We are part of something bigger than our individual self and have a responsibility to all around us.
    I belong and have a purpose.


  • We are all equally wanted and needed for the uniqueness we bring to the world.
    I am needed as I am with my differences.


  • We all have a direct influence on the world and can make all of life better.
    My thoughts and actions are important in any moment I am in, for they influence all around me.


These are empowering beliefs. They say that, no matter what is happening, you can rise to the call.

Leaning into these beliefs grounds you in inner peace, welcomes love, and helps you nurture the happiness that wants to emerge.

Inner peace, knowing you’re needed and have a responsibility to others guides you in being loving, feeling love towards all, and acting in loving ways.

You cultivate joy with an outpour of love.

When someone does something loving for you, do you feel your heart open? Does your heart swell? Do you feel yourself allow love both inside and out? Does that bring you joy? Doesn’t the person performing the loving act feel joy, too?

Happiness and joy are cultivated by our loving actions. Act in loving ways, no matter what is happening around you, and joy and happiness will come.

The pursuit of happiness is through love and inner peace.

Choose to find inner peace.

Choose to allow love.

Choose to cultivate joy.

It’s all YOUR choice.

Choose to live with a BIG ♡ and joy will come!

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