What is our philosophy on “How to be Happy”?

How to be HappyYou cultivate happiness through love.

Be loving. Act in loving ways. Allow love to pour out of you and happiness follows.

As we mentioned on the Pursuit of Happiness, when you act in loving ways to all around you, you cultivate joy in any situation.

Think about it – which feels better giving a gift, or getting one?


In the act of gift giving, joy is cultivated for both the giver and receiver. Let me say that in another way…

Joy is cultivated when the “gift” of love is given.

Gifts aren’t limited to presents. Gifts can be a smile, a hug, washing dishes, helping with homework, walking the dog. Asking someone, “how are you?” Sharing your wisdom. Taking care of your garden. Picking up a piece of trash. Doing your job well.

“Gifts” are ACTS OF LOVE.

Acts of love CULTIVATE happiness.

Just as a plant needs water to grow, happiness needs loving action to surface.

But, hmmm… you might be wondering…
It seems like some people experience happiness when doing unloving things, too.

Think back to a time when you felt happiness from doing something that didn’t originate from a place of love. Stealing a candy bar when no one was watching. Leaving your trash on the table at a picnic. Winning at all costs by playing a game on the shady side. Lying about something you said you would do, but did not. Excluding someone so you might “look cool” to another. Landing a deal you know isn’t fair to a client as it is for you.

How did that make you physically feel in your body? Did you feel a rush of junky energy? Did your head tilt down as you congratulated yourself, almost as if your body was shrinking a bit? Did your energy shift down to your stomach? How long did the rush of junky energy last?

Happiness from unloving acts is not self-sustaining. It’s temporary, fleeting, and ultimately self-defeating.

Now think for a moment about the recipient of your unloving act. What does receiving an unloving gift look like in their body? The shop keeper’s body where you stole the candy bar? The next park goer who sees a pile of trash? The other team who lost but played with good sportsmanship? The person you lied to, the one you excluded, or client you duped?

Can you visualize your victim putting their head down? Their shoulders falling? Can you see how they feel sad, their body shrinking down a little? Can you see they no longer trust you, that they no longer want to be around you?

There is karma in the world and what you reap, you sow.

Unloving gifts ultimately hurt you as much as you hurt another.

Now imagine the feeling in someone’s body when they gift a loving act… do you see their body growing and expanding in joy? Do you see them standing taller? Do you feel your heart overflowing with love?

That is living with your BIG ♡.

This is what doing good feels like.

It makes you happy and creates sustained feelings of inner peace, love, and happiness.

Our philosophy on how to be happy:

Be loving. Act in loving ways. Allow love to pour out of you. You cannot help but feel happiness.


Go BIG ♡
Be BIG ♡
Think BIG ♡
Act with a BIG ♡ and you will…
Live a BIG ♡ Life

You will be happy

…and we will change the world for the better!



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