What does it mean to live with a Big Heart?

You know that feeling when your heart is full of joy, gratitude, and so overflowing with love it feels like it’s twice its normal size and radiating energy all over the place? That’s you tapping into your “Big Heart.” 

To us, living a Big Heart life is:

  • you choosing to think loving thoughts

  • you choosing to take actions that are helpful and loving to all

  • you being your unique wonderful self and sharing your gifts with the world

  • you choosing to see the world through loving eyes

  • you seeing that you’re part of something larger than yourself and working to make a difference in the world

For our full list of ways to be loving or the “Love Laws” please click here.

When your heart is overflowing with love, gratitude, and joy you will naturally be living with a Big ♡!

So, ask yourself, “are you thinking with a small heart or your BIG ?”

Are you living with BIG ♡? A heart that extends beyond the borders of you? The ♡ that sees we are all equally wanted and needed for the influence we have on our world? The ♡ that is filled with love for all?

We say,

“Go BIG ♡, or go home!”


Living with a Big Heart is not always easy

We get it. No one is perfect. We are all works in progress here.

BUT, if we don’t try, nothing will change.

AND, when we do try, life gets better.

SO, what is stopping you from living with a Big Heart?

Go BIG ♡
Be BIG ♡
Think BIG ♡
Act with a BIG ♡ and we will…
Live a BIG ♡ Life

…and we will change the world for the better!

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