From: Some more good advice on how to calm yourself and deal with negative thoughts…

From: Tammy Mastroberte
3 Mantras to Calm Down

Key points to think about:

Take a 60 Second Reset Breaks and repeat one of these mantras:


“All Is Well, I am Safe”

Fear is underlying what you are feeling – “I breath in love, I breath out fear”

Try the “Sound of Music” Approach

Once negativity grabs ahold of you it can be really hard to shake it off. When you find yourself stuck in a loop of negativity thoughts, try taking the advice from the “The Sound of Music” and “if anything bugs me and I am feeling unhappy, I just try and think of nice things.”

It sounds simple, but it can help get you out of the loop of negativity. Give it a try!

Sing and Dance Negativity Away

When I don’t want my joy stolen… before the negativity can take over, I try to push it out with music. Try signing and dancing to your favorite song.

The little girl in this video is my hero! I love her so much! She is feeling it! I try to channel her inspiration and shed the negativity. Let yourself feel the music like she does. (I bet you can’t watch this video and not smile!)

From: Life is Joy
Abraham Hicks ~ 5 Steps To Get Exactly What You Want

A lot of good thoughts here, (we will come back to this video another day too), but today…

Key points to think about:

The goal: “to be in a ‘contrasting’ moment [or one that feels negative], but you are still happy. The contrast it isn’t setting you off your game. You see it… for the valuable thing it is.”

“Life came at you, and gave you more contrast, does that make you bad? No. That make you fulfilling your reason for being. You didn’t say, ‘I’ll go forth and rid the world of contrast.’ … you said, ‘I’ll go forth and I’ll accept contrast as my friend.’…  so when new contrast shows itself to you, because you want expansion, then thank the contrast that has shown itself to you, because as it shows you what you don’t want, it shows you what you do want…”

You and your inner being work well together. “You came where you can freak out, and in your freaking out launches new desires. And your inner being watches you freak out, but never freaks out. And never loses connection with source”…

Why does ∞ allow all this chaos? “You have free will in order to produce new desire. It is all part of the process. And you have guidance [from your inner being] that will always guide you into the solution that the problem has helped to point you towards.” …. “so there is always this steady vibration of resources and answers to questions, and solutions to problems, that is available to you.”

As the result of what you are living, it encourages you to live in alignment with your inner being. So you don’t need to suffer in the contrast, appreciate it.

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