Here at Big Heart Living, we’ve talked about how your beliefs help form your thoughts, which help you to decide upon your actions, and your thoughts & actions together can help create your life experience.

BUT there is another way your thoughts help shape your life experience, and that is through your vibes.

Here is how it works: Your thoughts can help determine your emotions. Your thoughts and emotions together help create the vibes you are putting out into the world. Your vibes then attract and/or repel people and opportunities to you. Which all influences your life experience.

So, working with your thoughts is a big key competent to help change your life experience for the better.

Based on some of the research we have been doing, here are some common threads to help you create positive change in your life:

  • Know that before you can see a change in the world, you first need to change what is going on WITHIN yourself.
  • Be PRESENT and MINDFUL of your thoughts. Stop living unconsciously. Actually question the validity of your thoughts.
  • Work to change YOUR thoughts and beliefs. This is not about others changing, but about you transforming your life from the inside out.
  • Focus on the beliefs and thoughts you WANT, not the ones that have helped create the negativity.
  • Be GRATEFUL for the change you KNOW is coming as a result of your new thoughts. This grateful energy will change the vibes you are putting out there. This new vibration will then attract new things, people, and opportunities to you.
  • By focusing on peaceful and loving thoughts you can change the present moment and make it all the more enjoyable.

The above ideas are drawn from the helpful techniques discussed in more detail below…

The content in the following video/podcast/post/etc. is not necessarily the views of Big Heart Living, but we think there are good thoughts to think about in each of these. Note, all of the quotes below are paraphrased to get the essence of a thought said in the video/podcast/post/etc.

From: HealthyPlace Mental Health
How to Use Tapping to Calm Anxiety Tutorial | HealthyPlace

This is a good introduction to tapping. I have many friends who swear by tapping and think it is a great way to reduce anxiety.

Key points to think about:

Do the taps and say:

“Even though I feel ____ right now, I deeply accept myself/my experience.”
“Even though part of me feels ____, I am willing to choose to accept myself right now.”

(Insert however you are feeling where you see ____.)

From: SynchroShakti

Ho’oponopono: Magic Prayer To Heal Your Life and Manifest Anything You Want

Key points to think about:

This prayer works on the premises of taking 100% responsibility for your life –

“Whatever shows up in your life, by virtue of it showing up in your life, you take responsibility that something inside of you is mirroring and matching as what you are experiencing outside of you.”

Your internal reality is made up of “data points’” like your:
– Programs (things people have been telling you your whole life)
– Belief Systems
– Memories
– Perceptions
– Thoughts
– Emotions

Clear off the negative energy that is manifesting in your life by saying the Hawaiian prayer, clearing your thoughts, and let the divine live through you by saying:

I love you. (To ∞)

I am sorry. (For your thoughts that are manifesting the issue in your life.)

Please forgive me. (For not being aware of the unconscious thoughts.)

Thank you. (For cleaning these “data points” out of me.)

From: Growth Events
Dr Joe Dispenza – Break the Addiction to Negative Thoughts & Emotions

Dr. Joe has some GREAT teachings about the importance of changing our thoughts and emotions. I recommend you pick up any of his books to help create change and break out of negative patterns.

Key points to think about:

“Most people try to create a new personal reality with the same personality and it doesn’t work. We literally have to become someone else [through our thoughts and emotions]… new thoughts lead to new choices… new choices should lead to new behaviors, and new behaviors should lead to new experiences, and new experiences should create new emotions… and new emotions should inspire new thoughts, and that is called evolution.”

“When you marry a clear intention… with an elevated emotion… you move into a new state of being… as you remind yourself every day of who you want to be, [you] begin to cause your brain to fire in new sequences and patterns and combinations. Whenever you make your brain work differently you are changing your mind… that [becomes] the very foundation [of who you will become].”

From: Wisdom 2.0
Who Are You Without Your Story? | Byron Katie, Soren Gordhamer

Please go to:
To learn more about this wonderful technique called “The Work”

Key points to think about:

As a way to release negative thoughts, anger, stress, and frustration, consider using this technique to get rid of the thoughts that are negatively impacting you.

“The Work” is a way to identify the thoughts you are thinking that are causing your suffering… question them with these questions to shift your identity. Here are the basic questions:

1. Is it [this thought] true?

2. Can you absolutely know it is true?

3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

4. Who would you be without that thought?

Turn the Thought around…

If you think of another as “arrogant” ask, “how am I arrogant?”

“If I see that [arrogance] in others, it doesn’t mean it is not true. But my work is ‘where am I arrogant?’ So I can’t change that person, but I can change one arrogant human being, and I am living with her [herself]. So it wakes me up.”

“This work is about the end of suffering… When I believe my thoughts I suffer, and when I question them I don’t suffer.”

Use these people (who annoy and irritate you that you don’t like) as teachers to transform you. That is the power to make change.

From: Rev. Lee Wolak
Living the Science of Mind – The Power of Spiritual Mind Treatment | Agape

Key points to think about:

A Spiritual Mind Treatment is an Affirmative Prayer – “We are not asking a power outside of ourselves to come into our lives and take over and guide us… what we are declaring is that there is a power within us, that is this universal power, and we tap into that power – it creates from the inside out. So we are no longer victims, but rather we are there creators of our individual life experience… Spiritual Mind Treatment is about directing the law, or the power that we identify with the creativeness of God, towards a specific end.”

“What did Jesus say? ‘It is done unto you as you believe.’ Belief means your habits of thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting. All of those 4 things align towards a specific result with persistency and consistency will demonstrate in your life. That is your power. That is what you are trying to use all the time, but most of the time we are unconscious – we are not tapped in.”

“All treatment is for the purpose of stimulating an interior awareness… we should become aware that the good we desire is now manifest.”

Whatever you focus on you attract more of – “To dwell upon lack is to create it. To think of disease is to perpetuate it. To remain unhappy is to attract more unhappiness.” – put your attention on what you want.

“[The Creative Power] exists in a formless state and can only take the form which our thoughts gives it.”

[The Physical Universe] “is Mind in Form… Mind created this form out of it. Mind can shape it and reshape it over and over again.”

“The Creative Principle can operate for us only by operating through our belief. We are the only ones who can limit our experience.”

I am trying to recondition your mind, so that you realize that you don’t have to go outside anymore. You can start right where you are… all you have to do is start a tendency of thinking in a new direction. And when you start that tendency, and you follow it step by step by step and you are now going to end up in your place – the place that you have chosen. But here is the key, only you can take the steps. Only you can decide where you want to go.”

From: The Kabbalah Centre
Choose Change, or Be Changed | Your Weekly Energy Boost

Key points to think about:

“If you have limited beliefs, the universe will open you up.” Basically, the Universe will give you a situation that MAKES you want to change. (BHL’s advice: choose to work on change proactively, because the way the universe choose you probably won’t enjoy as much.)

But know that they will be…

“Blessons – Lessons that become Blessings…. When after the fact you look and see that the challenge… was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

When dealing with people – “discharge the peal and keep the fruit.” Basically, “Focus on the good everyone has.. connect to people’s good qualities and discard (ignore) their negative ones..”

With areas of your life where you are torn – where you think one way, but you feel another… “pause… [you] are confused because your desire is split… when your desire is split, you get split emotions, split thoughts, split messages from the universe”… [pick one. Pick a desire and give it 100% and see what happens.]

[When something/one is limiting you and are holding you back]… “It is like a sling shot… you pull the sling shot back and you feel like you are going backwards…but the truth is, for the sling shot to really fly, you need to be pulled back… the creator sends up people to restrain us… To cleanse us of our arrogance… before success… we [tend] to get reactive to the [restraint] and we run out of it… [instead] of going through the whole circle of flying forward and releasing ourselves into success”… There is the heroes journey – “you have to have the struggle to rise to greatness”…  “you personally have to grow from it and it won’t go away until you grow…” So struggle is not bad, as it helps you transform into a better person so you are better able to handle the success.

“Whatever you give energy to becomes successful… thought consciousness creates energy [where you are thinking]…anything you think about brings energy there… anything you think about in a positive way awakens the light in that thing… the more you can do that the more you strengthen your belief system about that…”

From: Unpuzzling Spiriutality
Chapter 7 – Change is Constant

Section: Letting go of the fear of change

Although the thoughts on this site are all a reflection of “Unpuzzling Spirituality: An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up),” the copy below is cut and paste from our book, with slight alterations so it makes sense outside of the entire body of work.

Let go of the fear of change

Just as the seed must push through the dirt to become a flower, we, too, must come out of our shell to blossom and bloom. Each part of your life can bring treasures of new challenges and opportunities for growth. If we choose to look, they can bring more love and peace into our lives.

When you were a toddler you may have struggled to walk. In kindergarten you learned your ABCs. In grade school you learned how to add double digit numbers. By now, you are probably a master of all of those things. With each phase of your life, new opportunities for growth will come—and new opportunities to shine from past learning will be there too! Allow yourself to learn, grow, and change as you master new challenges that present themselves.

Change can often take you out of your comfort zone. But remember the saying, “If you’re still in your comfort zone, you’re probably not learning.”  We need to push through our fears of change to get the rewards that growth brings.

Fears that may get in the way of positive change include:

We may fear failure -> instead, choose to see any setback as a lesson.

We may fear others judging us -> instead, accept yourself and where you are on YOUR path.

• We may fear how life would change if we succeed -> instead, change your fear to excitement and know you can rise to whatever challenge comes your way.

• We may fear others judging us for our successes ->  instead, choose to act with humility and grace while still appreciating your accomplishments.

• We may fear not living up to what we want to achieve in life -> instead, accept where you are, celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far, and take actions to achieve the life you want.

• We may fear not living up to what other’s wanted for our lives -> instead, understand that their hopes for you are their desires. Follow the path your soul directs you toward—your path is not their path.

We cannot allow fear to win. Let go of the fear of change. Flow with change. Embrace change! Change is a free ticket to a brand new place. Take the ride to
a new adventure. Try out the beliefs that:

You are here to be your unique self.

You are here to contribute.

You are here to shine.

You are here to create helpful change in the world.

You are here to grow.

You are here to help others in their growth.

You are here to express joy and love life.

All of these involve you allowing yourself to change when it is needed.


The chapter also includes:

  • Accepting and Growing with Change
  • Creating Change
  • Change Comes at the Right Time
  • You Cannot Change Another (Including: But, what about when they are “being bad”? , You DON’T know what’s best, Getting along anyway, Natural shifts)
  • The Choice to Change & Grow in Positive Ways
  • Gratitude through Change
unpuzzling  Spirituality  An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up)

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