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Change is inevitable, for it is impossible for life to stay the same forever. Because of this, we need to accept and embrace change as it comes, and/or work to create it! 

To go along with the theme of “embracing change” please check out some of the following thoughts as to how to create positive change in your life…

The content in the following video/podcast/post/etc. is not necessarily the views of Big Heart Living, but we think there are good thoughts to think about in each of these. Note, all of the quotes below are paraphrased to get the essence of a thought said in the video/podcast/post/etc.

From: drjoedispenza
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Introductory Lecture

FYI – If you ask me, Dr. Dispenza is one of the best teachers regarding how to create change in your life.

Key points to think about:

We could say that you were thinking the same thoughts, performing the same actions that create the same experiences, that produce the same emotions, but secretly expect something to change in your life… as you do the same things… the external environment… caus[es] you to think equal to everything you already know. As long as you think equal to everything that is familiar… you keep creating more of the same life.

To truly change is to think greater than your environment… have a vision.

Your personality creates your personal reality… your personality is made up of how you think, how you act, and how you feel. So the present personality… you—has created the present personal reality called your life… Would you agree that if you wanted to create a new personality, that on a fundamental level you would have to change the thoughts you were thinking, the behaviors and habits that you are demonstrating, and the emotions that you have memorized that has become part of your identity? Most people try to create a new personal reality as the same personality and it never works. We have to become someone else.

Whenever you make your brain work in a certain way, that is called “mind” —mind is the brain in action… To change your mind is to make your brain work in new sequences, new patterns, and new combinations, to begin to make the brain work differently. The one ingredient that allows us to do that is knowledge or information, because every time you learn something new, you make a new connection in your brain.

Every time you make a thought, you make a chemical… to feel exactly the way you were just thinking… The moment you begin to feel the way you think… you begin to think the way you feel. [It keeps creating a loop.] The redundancy over time creates a state of being… your mind and body are working together… conditioning your body to memorize that emotion… creating a habit… 95% of who you are… is a set of memorized behaviors… runn[ing] like a computer program… So, 5% of your conscious mind begins to work against 95% of what you have memorized… that is mind and body in opposition. We have to recondition the body to a new mind [to create change].

The quantum field/universal mind… responds to who you are being. Not what you are thinking, not what you are feeling, but the combination of how you are thinking and feeling called your state of being.

Most people wait for crisis, drama, disease, loss, diagnosis to really want to change. They wait until the ego is brought to such a low level that they cannot go on as business as usual… why wait? We can learn and change in a state of pain suffering… or we can learn and change in as state of joy and inspiration…

I REALLY recommend Dr. Dispenza’s book, “Breaking the habit of Being Yourself – How to lose your mind and create a new one”

Here are just a couple of quotes for you:

p. 64 explains why is is “normal” to go a bit “crazy” when trying to make change. He says,

“When we try to regain control [of our minds], this is when the body signals the brain to begin talking us out of our conscious goals. Our internal chatter comes up with a battery of reasons why we should not attempt to do anything out of the ordinary, not to break out of our habituated state of being that we’re used to. It will pick up all of our weaknesses, which it knows and fosters, and hurl them at us one by one.

We create worst-case scenarios in our minds so that we don’t have to rise above those familiar feelings. Because when we try to break the internal chemical order we have made so second nature, the body goes into chaos. Its internal badgering feels nearly irresistible — and plenty of times, we succumb.”

OMG! So… it is kinda natural to feel completely freaked out and like a nut job when trying to make change. (I can relate.) Perhaps we can be a little more gentle without ourselves when trying to make change.

p. 113 – “When we set aside time and private space to think about a new way of being, that is when the frontal lobe engages in creation. We can imagine fresh possibilities and ask ourselves important questions about what we really want, how and who we want to be, and what we want to change about ourselves and our circumstances….
…it I always good to move into a state of wonder… Open ended inquires are the most provocative approach to producing a fluent stream of consciousness:
• What would it be like to….?
• What is a better way to be…?
• What if I was this person, living in this reality?
• Who in history do I admire, and what were his/her admirable traits?

…the more you can “re-mind” yourself, the more you’ll change your brain and your life.”

Now let’s go back to p. 5 “It is possible to think greater than your present reality, and history books are filled with names of people who have done so, men and women such as Martin Luther King, Jr., William Wallace, Marie Curie, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Edison, and Joan of Arc. Every one of these individuals had a concept in his or her mind of a future reality that existed as a potential in the quantum field. This vision was alive in an inner world of possibilities beyond the senses, and in time, each of these people made those ideas a reality.

As a common thread, they all had a dream, vision, or objective that was much larger than they were. They all believed in a future destiny that was so real in their minds that they began to live as if that dream were already happening. They couldn’t see, hear, taste, smell, or feel it, but they were so possessed by their dream that they acted in a way that corresponded to this potential reality ahead of time. In other words, they behaved as if what they envisioned was already a reality.”

Now as yourself, what are YOU envisioning for yourself?

(This is an overall great book. Definitely worth a read!)

From: An Abraham Hicks talk via Signs of Signs

Abraham Hicks – Change Is Coming

Listen to this talk which is kinda saying the same thing, but in a different way (which can often reinforce an idea, so check it out!)…

Key points to think about:

You create through your vibration… you create through your focus, or through your thoughts… [or] you get what you think about… often you don’t even know what you are thinking. What you are mostly thinking is sorta kinda a lot like what you have been thinking. And often what you are thinking is what those around you are thinking… you become accustomed to what is, and so you think about what is, and then you create more of what is, and then you call it reality. We call that reality that is creation by default… it is not purposeful or deliberate creation.

[You want more and] this vibrational reality [that you want] is so real (and yet vibrational)… and because it is vibrational, you can’t yet see it, or hear it, or smell it, or taste it, or touch it, so you have to have faith in its existence, which isn’t easy to have if you’ve been relying on what you see… if you are relying only upon what you have allowed to turn from vibration into things… if you are only focusing on what is, then you cannot… allow the improvement that you seek… you don’t let yourself go to the different, because what IS has your nearly undivided attention… you cannot let what is occupy to much of your thoughts and have change occur… if you are going to be the deliberate creator of your reality, you need to understand how reality is created… you came to let what IS be the bouncing off place for more… once you have launched the rocket of desire, the entire universe will work in concert to help you in the manifestation of it.

There is no satisfaction in coming forth and regurgitating what is already there… when you realize that you’re the agent of change… then you get to be one who consciously observes what is in this vibrational [imagined] reality… then you get to be one who witness the vibrations to thoughts to words to things. You get to witness the becoming of creation — which is what you came to do.

Life will inspire in me new desire… and I’ll ask… and [∞] will .

From: LftUP
David R. Hawkins: “If you feel like you’re stuck..”

Key points to think about:

If you feel like you are stuck… all you have to figure out… all you have to surrender is the payoff you are getting from whatever positionally you are stuck in…. The pleasure, gratification and satisfaction that you get out of that position… that payoff is an energy… that you are secretly getting form your ego…

… the ego loves to “juice” negativity because that is how it survives…

From: Aaron Doughty
3 Steps to change your Dominant Vibration to Attract Money, Love & Success Easily

Now this dude really does a good job of bringing together some of these concepts in an easy to understand way…

Key points to think about:

For you to attract money, for you to attract love, for you to attract success —it is about you shifting your level of consciousness. If you shift your level of consciousness, you then experience a new reality. Because your vibration has been changed.

The key to transcending the bottom emotions, has to do with feeling empowered by knowing, “things don’t happen TO you, things happen FOR you.” … a lot of the most negative things that happen to you will be a blessing in disguise…

We are either showing up in the world as the cameo in everyone else’s movie, or we are showing up as the star of our own movie… the star of our own movie realizes that things don’t happen TO us, things happen FOR us. We then have our power… the key is to realize that you are the star of your own movie [instead of trying to play a part in someone else’s in autopilot mode].

You will feel so much more powerful, if you would just take responsibility for it. Which simple means, “the ability to respond and choose your own response.”

[Step 1 – Identify your core vibration and focus on that (where your passion is, who you are, and who you are not).

Step 2 – Become aware of and let go of what no longer serves you. The lower vibration emotions. The stories that don’t serve you. Let go of the thoughts that no longer serve you.

“Life is based on agreement. Something that we agree to be true is what we are going to end up with as experiences. If you don’t agree with things, you don’t allow it in.”

“Your dominate vibration is what you think, how you feel, and what you do. Change these three things you change everything.”

Step 3 – “Wire in the new level of being with repetition.” Do it daily. “Get into the vibration of being your core vibration, and do it every single day no matter what. You are worth it. You deserve it… as you wire in that core frequency, it becomes who you are…You first off be the vibration that you prefer, and then reality changes on the reflection… be it…”]

From: Unpuzzling Spiriutality
Chapter 7 – Change is Constant

Although the thoughts on this site are all a reflection of “Unpuzzling Spirituality: An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up),” the copy below is cut and paste from our book, with slight alterations so it makes sense outside of the entire body of work.

Change is inevitable. Life is in a continuous cycle of birth and death, beginnings and endings. Nothing stays the same forever.

Change is the way of nature. Certain flowers bloom in the spring, while others bloom in the summer, fall, or winter. Nature is in a constant state of change, but have you ever seen nature get mad because there is less sunlight in the winter? Nature works with what is in the now and grows and changes when the time is right. When we learn from nature, we learn to go with the flow of change, accept the gifts of change that are in our lives and grow with them.


Accepting and Growing with Change

All of life is changing. Some people will leave your life, others will come into it. Your body will grow and change over time. Your mind will expand with new thoughts. New inventions and technology will emerge. These changes are a natural part of life.

Sometimes we will choose to change, and other times the change feels forced upon us. Forced changes might include, for example, the divorce of your parents, taking a required class that you are not interested in, moving to a new town and school, or in your body changing from a youth to an adult and to gaining a few wrinkles.

At other times, we may have asked for the change (this can sometimes feel unsettling too), such as being accepted to the baseball team, being admitted to the university of your choice, getting a new family member, or taking a new job.

All change can transport us to a place of newness and uncertainty. The choice to flow and grow from the change or to resist and fight it is ours.

Choosing to flow and grow from change can be like you are riding an inner tube down a gently moving river. Resistance, denial, and clinging to the past, however, can exhaust you from paddling against the current.

When we accept change, we might hug our parents instead of inwardly criticizing them—knowing they are going through a change too. We might allow ourselves to be excited about the new people we will meet at our new school instead of dreading the different environment.

Learn to accept each moment, lesson, success, benchmark in life, and change as it comes along. It is often said that, “Life does not give you more than you can handle.” Know that you can handle anything life throws at you by accepting and flowing through change.


The chapter continues with:

  • Letting go of the fear of change
  • Creating Change
  • Change Comes at the Right Time
  • You Cannot Change Another (Including: But, what about when they are “being bad”? , You DON’T know what’s best, Getting along anyway, Natural shifts)
  • The Choice to Change & Grow in Positive Ways
  • Gratitude through Change
unpuzzling  Spirituality  An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up)

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