Looking for sign? Go for it! Your life was not meant to be played small!

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about a romantic love. It can just be a day that reminds you to love everyone. It can be a day to remind us that life is not necessarily about the love we receive, but rather the love that we GET to give. 

Although the thoughts on this site are all a reflection of “Unpuzzling Spirituality: An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up),” the copy below is cut and paste from our book, with slight alterations so it makes sense outside of the entire body of work.

From Unpuzzling Spirituality Chapter 12 – Choosing Acts of Love or Acts of Fear

It is time to bring it

Learning about loving acts and about your connection to ∞ and everything and everyone around you, can help you make sense of the world, but it does not compare to actually experiencing love and our connection with All. It is like trying to tell someone what a strawberry tastes like—they will never really understand what it tastes like until they take a bite.

So, “take a bite”—think in loving ways, act in loving ways —and love will become more of who you are.

Go out into the world, bringing to it the peace and love you want for the world. As you bring that love, you can help transform the world and the world can become more loving because of it.

Whatever you want to see more of in the world, the fastest way to get it is to BRING IT—choose to bring love.

• Do you want to feel at peace?
Think peaceful thoughts and be peaceful.

• Do you want someone to forgive you?
Forgive yourself and others.

• Do you want others to be generous?
Be generous in whatever ways your particular gifts allow.

• Do you want to feel loved?
Love others and yourself.

Focusing on and bring the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors you want to experience at all times allows them to go out and affect the world around you. You create the change you want to see in the world by making a shift in what you are thinking or doing.

What change do you want to see in the world?
Bring it!

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