A lot of us often “look for signs” from to let us know we are on the right track or give us confirmation. They come in all shapes and sizes, and today your sign is…

Although the thoughts on this site are all a reflection of “Unpuzzling Spirituality: An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up),” the copy below is cut and paste from our book, with slight alterations so it makes sense outside of the entire body of work.

The start of Chapter 5 – “You Being YOU is Important”…

Because you are also part of the grandness of the universe, be assured that you are wanted and needed to make the universe complete. You were not created by mistake. ∞ wanted someone with your specific combination of body, mind, and soul to interact with the world and use your specific gifts, thoughts, and experiences to help the world flourish and evolve.

You are wanted.

You are needed.

You are loved by ∞.

You, in your unique authentic wonderful self, help the universe be complete.

This makes us all equally special!

Be you  Be the best you you can be

Just like each snowflake that falls from the sky, you and the special combination of  your body, mind, and soul makes you unique. No matter how similar you are to another, you are truly one of a kind. No one else in the universe has the same combination of talents, passions, thoughts, looks, influences, or experiences. This makes you both unique and special to the universe.

Even identical twins are unique. They may look almost exactly alike, have the same parents and teachers, yet each will have their own thoughts, perspectives, and experiences.

No one else can be like you, nor can you be exactly like anyone else. It’s impossible for you to be even an “okay” version of someone else, but its very possible for you to become a great you. By
loving and embracing who you are in all your uniqueness, you show love towards yourself, ∞, and all around you.

Being who you truly are, and allowing your specialness to shine, is a gift to the world and an act of love towards All.

Your uniqueness has value. It is not a surprise that when people say something is “a rare gem that is the only one in the world,” it makes it very valuable. Since you are the only one in the world like you – this makes you quite valuable just as you are.

Think of the universe as if it were a festive band and you are the fiddle player. To produce the right sounds for your band, many different instruments are needed. Add a drummer, a harmonica player, a lead singer, a guitar player, top it off with someone singing harmonies, and the complete band is created. If any of those musicians or singers decided not to lend their talents to the band, the beautiful sounds of the whole band would be less than when the whole band is present.

Just as each instrument and voice is important to the band, each unique person is needed in the universe. You have your special qualities, and others have theirs too. Together, the variety can make the world a better place.

The world needs: smart people, strong people, mechanical people, artistic people, patient people, precise people, big people, small people, dog lovers, cat lover, planners, ditch diggers, business people, trash collectors, teachers, scientists, doctors, babysitters… all are needed to help our world thrive. You were created with your differences to use your special traits in a balanced universe.

Embrace the unique qualities that make you you, for…

• each band member makes the music sweeter

• each rare gem makes the world sparkle with color

• each snowflake makes the snow fall more beautiful

• each soul makes the world a better place.


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