Sometimes we can all feel little abnormal. Like everyone else has everything figured out, or everyone else has such a glamorous life, or the things you are interested in don’t seem to be whatever one else is interested in, or everyone else seems to know something that you don’t, or… the list could go on and on as to why you feel different from everyone else.

Well, guess what – you are different! We are all different from one another and that is what makes the world so interesting! If you try to be like everyone else, you miss the point of why you were created. You were created to be YOU – in all your uniqueness! And if all of us (okay, a lot of us) feel “odd,” then it is not odd to be odd.

If we realize that we are all different (or odd), it makes no one “odd.” Being, or trying to be like everyone else, is what should be seen as odd.

Be you! Be the best you you can be in all your glorious “oddness.”

Looking for sign? Go for it! Your life was not meant to be played small!

Although the thoughts on this site are all a reflection of “Unpuzzling Spirituality: An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up),” the copy below is cut and paste from our book, with slight alterations so it makes sense outside of the entire body of work.

From Chapter 5—You Being YOU is Important

Section – “But, why are you the WAY you are?”

Let’s consider some options:

  • Some people believe that before your body was formed, your soul chose just the right body to have the kinds of experiences and influences it wanted to have on Earth. Could your particular body, mind, parents, and potentials all be of your choosing?

  • Others believe that created you with a particular mind and body to serve your soul’s growth. Could mind and body be as they are to help your soul grow?

  • Some believe, that your perfect combination of a mind, body, and soul was created by ∞ to benefit the Universe. Could your special knowledge, talents, and experiences be yours to allow you to serve and improve the world?

  • Some people believe that ∞ is living and experiencing life through each body and soul. Our differences from one another allow for ∞ to experience all of the different ways to be, live, and interact. Could ∞ be experiencing life through you?

  • Some people believe that who you, where you are, and what you are like were determined by how good or bad you may have been in previous lives. Could your past actions be why you are currently having the experience you are having?

  • Some people believe, that your body is the way it is based on the DNA of all your past ancestors and a matter of chance as to which parts and pieces you inherited. Could your body, mind, and life experience all be a matter of chance?

You may choose to believe one or more of these ideas.

If you choose to believe that your life circumstances were chosen, then it would follow that not only are you here for a reason, but you, you and ∞, or ∞, wanted you to be exactly as you are, where you are, in this time, and even with some key people that are in your life.

The soul may have chosen: a mind that is quick, or a mind that is slower; a body that is healthy and whole, or one that needs special help to function; an environment that offers wealth and comfort, or one that is more challenging. Each choice was made for a reason, a reason that fits into the order and plan of the Universe and your soul.

If you believe that you are here through a chance combination of traits and conditions, then honor the gift of your life. You and your gifts are meant to fit into a larger whole of the universe. You are needed just as you are to make the Universe complete.

Challenges of the body, mind, and environment can also provide opportunities of growth for your soul. In fact, some people think that if a soul resides in a body, mind, or environment that faces unusual challenges, these challenges may actually be opportunities for the soul to grow at a speed much faster than that of others. The challenged one might actually be getting a BETTER opportunity than those around them!

By choice or by chance, one may have a mind that is quick or a mind that is slower; a body that is healthy and whole, or one that needs special help to function; and environment that offers wealth and comfort, or one that is more challenging. The way one is, is to serve a purpose and give a reason for
one’s existence. Each life fits into the order and plan of the Universe and your soul.

Try out the belief that we are all wanted and needed exactly as we are.

Knowing that, accept the differences in others and accept the differences they may see in you.

Accept yourself and others just as they are: one’s talents, mind, abilities, and challenges. They just might be gifts from each person’s soul and ∞.

Let’s check out some different ways you can explore your options… Read more in Unpuzzling Spirituality

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