A lot of us often “look for signs” from to let us know we are on the right track or give us confirmation. They come in all shapes and sizes, and today your sign is…

Looking for sign? Go for it! Your life was not meant to be played small!

This came FOR you

At Big Heart Living, we CHOOSE to believe that everything in life (good or “bad”) is here to help you. Help you become the highest best version of yourself. You may not know why you are going through something when you are going through it, but on a deeper level this situation is a gift bringing you to a bigger more full life. 

What you CHOOSE to believe about the situation will shape how you experience, go through, and transform from what you are experiencing. If you choose to believe it will all work out —it will! And it will keep you in a more peaceful state as you navigate the rough seas. 


Although the thoughts on this site are all a reflection of “Unpuzzling Spirituality: An Introduction to Spiritual Thoughts to Create a Big, Happy, Peaceful, and Loving Life (Ages 9 and up),” the copy below is cut and paste from our book, with slight alterations so it makes sense outside of the entire body of work.

From Chapter 4—What About Events? Why Does Anything Happen?

Again, no one knows for sure, but the theories are plenty. Here are a few ideas for you to consider and how they might be able to shape how you see the world a bit…

  • Some people think there is no particular reason why things happen—they just happen.
    If you choose to believe this, then life might feel a little random and scary.

  • Some people believe that people and events in your life are prearranged to come into your life (this is called Destiny). That before you were born, you and ∞, or you and the other souls, mapped out certain people and events that would play out as your life progressed.
    If you choose to believe this, then what you experience might be because that is the way YOU planned it.

  • Some people believe that what you are experiencing in your life now is a result of your past actions (this is called Karma).  
    If you choose to believe this, then you might see how your actions can directly affect what you experience in life.

  • Some people think ∞ is continually working to keep the universe in balance. Each happening helps return the Earth, people, and everything to a more balanced state.
    If you choose to believe this, then you might see the perfection in a storm, in a fire, in a death, in a birth, in everything—everything is bringing a balance to the world.

  • Some people think that everything that happens to us is either an expression of love, or a lesson so that we can grow in love. It is as if there is a hidden treasure chest of love in every event. Sometimes the treasure chest is easy to find, and sometimes we have to dig for it.
    If you choose to believe this, then you will likely find the love and you will work to bring into the world the love that is trying to emerge.

  • Some people feel that life events are a reflection of our inner thoughts. Our soul and ∞ attract to us events that reflect what we are thinking about—good or bad (this is called Laws of Attraction).
    If you choose to believe this, then you will likely be more willing to pay attention to your thoughts and work to cultivate positive thoughts.

  • Some people think that every event that happens in our lives is because our soul WANTS to have the experience (even the bad ones), so that the soul can gain something from the experience. When your soul evolves and grows out of the need for an experience, it can move on to a new experience.
    If you choose to believe this, then you might be more willing to let go of  any anger or sadness over a situation and choose to learn from it.

  • Some people think that every event—whether it feels good or bad—is good for your soul’s growth.
    If you choose to believe this, then you might feel inner peace knowing that good can eventually come from whatever you are experiencing.

  • Some people think that some events are helping you to learn something that will come in handy at a future event.
    If you choose to believe this, then you might not know why something is happening now, but the reason will come to you in the future.

  • Some people think that some events are nudging your life in new
    If you choose to believe this, then you might not be upset when things don’t go according to plan, because it might be moving your life in a better direction.

No one knows for sure why things happen. Whatever reason(s) you choose can help to shape how you see the world you are experiencing and how much inner peace you have along the way.

Your life and how you see the world is your choice.

Try out the beliefs listed here and see if any “fit” you.

Let’s check out some different ways you can explore your options… Read more in Unpuzzling Spirituality


Choose a wise and loving action to take, and go for it!

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