Q: Do I have to be “spiritual” to live with a Big ♡? (No!!)

That’s the thing about spirituality – it’s all about YOU choosing what you believe. Which means you can choose to believe there is no .

This is why we’re exploring ALL thoughts. Not only spiritual ones.

Most spiritual people I know, we don’t judge others like that. You be you. Let me be me. If each way works for us and we don’t condemn one another, it’s all good.

If you don’t feel you’re a spiritual person, try these tricks:

Instead of “God” – say “Good.”
(Need to credit Wayne Dwyer for that one.)

Instead of “Soul” – say “Big Heart.”

Instead of “We are all one” referring to spiritual connection, think about it in terms of quantum physics. In quantum physics, we are all made up of particles of energy. And that energy must be coming from somewhere… so we are all one on a quantum level.

You can still live a “moral and good life” without believing in a GOD.

You can still live from a “BIG ♡.”

You can still explore with us – we welcome you, just as you are.

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